Christmas 2012

Hello folks Firstly, compliments of the festive season and a very happy new year to you all. Apologies for the usual delay in proceedings, but we got there in the end. I will get some photos up of recent events as soon as I can, but this edition has already taken far too long so […]

Christmas/New Year 2011/12

Well now, Consider this a “placeholder” – a preview, if you like, while I try and sort out the overwhelming amount of material I’ve amassed over the last few weeks. Firstly, just to be clear on this, I am not a raving alcoholic – if it looks like I’ve consumed a reservoir’s worth of beer […]


Got loads to do this weekend so it’ll probably be about another year before I actually post this update. You’d think that the chores would do us all a favour and put themselves on hold, particularly when there’s important things to do, like write nonsense about alcohol. Still, excited about seeing everyone’s favourite band, The […]


I have a new idea – arrival of Little Normski is looming ever closer, so I’ve decided to drink everything I have. That way, there’ll be nothing left to tempt me nearer the time, when I need to drive the ambulance. Thanks to Mrs Normski’s parentage, our nursery is finally starting to take shape – […]

08/11/2010 – An apology is in order…

Dear Reader(s?) Yes indeed, being a hypochondriac and all, I’ve had all manner of things wrong with me recently. But nothing that a swift visit to the friendly neighbourhood doctor couldn’t sort out, and reassuringly he was just as puzzled as ever. Now then > this is a round-up of recent activity, so I won’t […]

09/07/2010 – Beeston mini pub crawl (again)

This was probably a very bad thing to do the night before a 90-min driving lesson, but hey, you only live once. (and, incidentally, it was one of the best driving lessons I’ve ever had – most curious) Venue: The Crown Inn, Beeston, Nottingham Beer: Tightrope, Hydes (, 4.3% Accompanied by: “Chaps”, “Tips” and, er, […]