12/09/2017 – #craftbeerhour, craft beer and me

First things first: tonight’s festivities were hosted by Beer Yorkshire – which looks like a stunning project. I’m all for a beautiful coffee table book with glorious photography and Yorkshire has a “brewing landscape” well worth celebrating. It was also the 150th edition of Craft Beer Hour, and so I chose something suitably epic. Cast […]

10/01/2017 – #craftbeerhour

Tonight’s Craft Beer Hour was hosted by the lovely Fierce Beer – a brewery I’d never encountered before. Cranachan Killer / Fierce Beer / 5.5% (oat/raspberry/honey pale ale) Eyes: scarlet-amber Nose: raspberry / hints of spicy malt Mouth: as above Notes: I’ve had a few fruit beers and (despite my desire to be open-minded and […]

27/12/2016 – #craftbeerhour / The Jedi Code

I had a plan for this evening’s Craft Beer Hour, but the sad news that Carrie Fisher had passed away compelled me to adjust these plans slightly and go for a tribute of sorts. It is always sad to suffer the loss of someone beloved, but at least she contributed immeasurably to something indelible, quite […]

In Brief: Cloudwater DIPA v6

I won’t attempt to join in with the mass hysteria on my feeds (Twitter and Instagram are awash with very passionate opinions) – this is purely and simply my standalone opinion. Several of my beer-friends have compared the various versions and relative merits of the now-legendary DIPA – I haven’t had the opportunity to try […]

13/06/2016 – Makeover

Hi everyone, Just a quick note to say “bear with me” as I’m changing the appearance of the blog and (retrospectively) fiddling with categories, structure etc, so please consider it “under construction” for now… Love to all (as appropriate), Normski

December 2014 – Cambridge Brew House

No more facetious post titles from me…promise… So, thusly did myself and Mrs “I Just Want a Taste” Normski venture forth into Cambridge, and there did we proceed (almost immediately) to the splendid Cambridge Brew House, for an alarmingly spontaneous lunch date. A Google search for “places to eat in Cambridge” yielded no useful results, […]

April 2014 – Beer roundup

Hi folks, Not done any of this for a while. No particular reason, other than being busy. Here we go. No messing. Innovation / Adnams (Jack Brand) / 6.7% Eyes: amber Nose: grapefruit Mouth: grapefruit Notes: nicely bitter and hoppy IPA. The inaugural product in the new Jack Brand range – I had previously considered […]