08/09/2017 – BrewDog Prototype Challenge

https://www.brewdog.com/lowdown/blog/the-2017-brewdog-prototype-challenge Ok, so BrewDog have done this before, and it’s resulted in some glorious experiments evolving into beers that we can buy regularly (incidentally many of them are my favourites: Jack Hammer…Cocoa Psycho…Jet Black Heart…Hop Fiction…) So I bought the set, and thought I’d do a quick comparison of the three on offer. Before I […]

27/12/2016 – #craftbeerhour / The Jedi Code

I had a plan for this evening’s Craft Beer Hour, but the sad news that Carrie Fisher had passed away compelled me to adjust these plans slightly and go for a tribute of sorts. It is always sad to suffer the loss of someone beloved, but at least she contributed immeasurably to something indelible, quite […]

30/11/2016 -Analysis

DISCLAIMER: this post is nothing to do with beer – not directly, anyway – although I am drinking a very fine can of Gamma Ray as I write. This is potentially a self-indulgent thing to do, but it’s possible some might find it interesting or illustrative. I recently underwent assessment for learning disabilities, specifically Asperger’s […]

31/03/2016 – Bottle Share

So, recently I posted a bottle of Totally Brewed’s 4 Hop Men of the Apocalypse to the distant shores of Horsham. Actually, I posted two, but we won’t talk about what happened to the first one. I should take this opportunity to explain that the recipient, Rach, runs a very fine blog at Look at […]

15/06/2015 – Beer Day Britain

This was supposed to be published on the 15th, but WordPress wasn’t my friend that day… I only found out about this on the day, and this was supposed to be a dry evening. But I run a beer blog and it would be rude not to participate, so the evening’s adventure was: Export India Porter / […]