27/09/2016 – #craftbeerhour

So, tonight’s event was not only the 100th #craftbeerhour, an auspicious event in itself, but was also hosted by BrewDog, my craft beer heroes and an endless source of creative and personal inspiration for me. I won’t go on for too long, mostly because I’m exhausted, but I’d like to wax lyrical for a few […]

07/09/2015 – Code Black

Code Black / Hardknott / 5.6% Eyes: black, crimson edges Nose: bitter Mouth: chocolate orange Notes: Contrary to the reverse psychology on the website, I will almost always choose a black IPA when one is available. I like juxtapositions, and the balance between dark roasted indulgence and fresh, spritely tropical/citrus flavours is extremely appealing to […]

24/08/2015 – Leftovers

Hi folks, Just a few random bits and pieces assembled from scribbled post-it notes. Busy right now! You’ll notice a few Instagram filters appearing on the photographs; I make no apologies for this, as it makes my mediocre photos look vaguely interesting. NZ60 / Beeston Hop / 5.2% Eyes: amber, cloudy Nose: bitter, bready Mouth: fruity, […]

19/06/15 – Thornbridge Chiron

The end of term at work, and the end of the week, and the bit I’d been looking forward to all week. (gratuitous photobomb by my guitar collection) Chiron / Thornbridge / 5% Eyes: orange-amber Nose: mango!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mouth: tropical Notes: What can I say? Thornbridge. American style pale ale. High expectations. Totally blown out of […]