18/10/2017 – #craftbeerhour (belated) and mindfulness

Hey everyone, Firstly – there was no update last week because I was ill and therefore didn’t participate. Sad times. Then, last night I went to the pub with a new friend of mine, which inevitably wasn’t conducive to writing a blog post, so I’m doing one now. This means I am unfortunately de-synchronised with […]

27/09/2016 – #craftbeerhour

So, tonight’s event was not only the 100th #craftbeerhour, an auspicious event in itself, but was also hosted by BrewDog, my craft beer heroes and an endless source of creative and personal inspiration for me. I won’t go on for too long, mostly because I’m exhausted, but I’d like to wax lyrical for a few […]

07/09/2015 – Code Black

Code Black / Hardknott / 5.6% Eyes: black, crimson edges Nose: bitter Mouth: chocolate orange Notes: Contrary to the reverse psychology on the website, I will almost always choose a black IPA when one is available. I like juxtapositions, and the balance between dark roasted indulgence and fresh, spritely tropical/citrus flavours is extremely appealing to […]

24/08/2015 – Leftovers

Hi folks, Just a few random bits and pieces assembled from scribbled post-it notes. Busy right now! You’ll notice a few Instagram filters appearing on the photographs; I make no apologies for this, as it makes my mediocre photos look vaguely interesting. NZ60 / Beeston Hop / 5.2% Eyes: amber, cloudy Nose: bitter, bready Mouth: fruity, […]