18/03/2017 – Life Update (+ beer)

Apart from my little essay on the subject of my learning difficulty assessment late last year, it’s been a very long time since I’ve written a long-form update on here. I do have skeletal ideas for a few of them, but there never seems to be an appropriate time to develop them, particularly as I’m already updating […]

In Brief: Cloudwater DIPA v6

I won’t attempt to join in with the mass hysteria on my feeds (Twitter and Instagram are awash with very passionate opinions) – this is purely and simply my standalone opinion. Several of my beer-friends have compared the various versions and relative merits of the now-legendary DIPA – I haven’t had the opportunity to try […]

09/05/2016 – Mayday! Mayday!

Ok, that was an obvious one, but essential nonetheless. I have a rapidly stacking pile of “leftover” reviews and keep losing opportunities to compile it all together, so there will probably be a few “piecemeal” updates while I sort it all out. However, I felt obliged to write a quick report on my May bank […]

22/07/2015 – Chapter 3 (cont’d)

Apologies for being rather quiet recently – I’ve had rather a lot of real life to sort out recently what with the impending arrival of Sprog2, and also rather a lot of preparation for recording my music project (watch this space). One significant thing to point out: (slightly belated) Happy 5th Birthday Circle Master. When […]

December 2014 – Festivities

Hello all, As per usual at this time of year, we find ourselves in rural Cambridgeshire, enjoying the break we’ve been craving for what seems like an eternity. For me personally, the year has been a bit of a whirlwind – a new job (which is taking up a surprising amount of my headspace) and […]