17/06/2017 – Beer and Idealism

First things first: this post is badly in need of some visual accompaniment. So, to start, here’s a few of the gorgeous beers I’ve had recently (if that gets your very fibres racing, head over to Instagram):   < Sorry about hideous mismatching of filters, but I’m too tired / drunk to do anything about […]

24/04/2017 – Totally Tapped

I’m out of sequence this week due to being out and about on Tuesday night, so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to do a slightly more in-depth update. And, as luck would have it, a brilliant new micropub has recently opened within 10 minutes’ walk from my house. Totally Tapped This is the […]

18/03/2017 – Life Update (+ beer)

Apart from my little essay on the subject of my learning difficulty assessment late last year, it’s been a very long time since I’ve written a long-form update on here. I do have skeletal ideas for a few of them, but there never seems to be an appropriate time to develop them, particularly as I’m already updating […]

07/02/2017 – #craftbeerhour

IPA Galaxy & Nelson Sauvin / The Kernel / 7.2% (London SE16 4QT) Eyes: amber / murky / brilliant white head Nose: lychee / grapefruit / pine / citrus / passionfruit Mouth: mostly passionfruit (initially) / more rounded citrus, passionfruit, white grape and pine (eventually) Notes: I really didn’t know what to make of this to […]

27/12/2016 – #craftbeerhour / The Jedi Code

I had a plan for this evening’s Craft Beer Hour, but the sad news that Carrie Fisher had passed away compelled me to adjust these plans slightly and go for a tribute of sorts. It is always sad to suffer the loss of someone beloved, but at least she contributed immeasurably to something indelible, quite […]

30/11/2016 -Analysis

DISCLAIMER: this post is nothing to do with beer – not directly, anyway – although I am drinking a very fine can of Gamma Ray as I write. This is potentially a self-indulgent thing to do, but it’s possible some might find it interesting or illustrative. I recently underwent assessment for learning disabilities, specifically Asperger’s […]

26/08/2016 – Bottle Share II

Back in March of this year, me and Rach of Look at Brew swapped beers from our local area. It was so successful (inasmuch as we thoroughly enjoyed the respective beers) that we decided to do it again. I’m really interested in how Rach considers the whole sensory experience when tasting: the environs, the weather, […]