15/08/2017 – #craftbeerhour

So this week’s festivities were hosted by Norwich Craft Beer Week. This is a poignant one for me as I lived in Norwich from approximately 2001-2007 (having been in rural Norfolk since 1991) and was at the very start of my beer appreciation, following an admonishment from a friend / colleague that “London Pride is […]

08/08/2017 – #craftbeerhour

First off, a hearty thanks to Ghost Brewing Co for hosting tonight’s festivities – sadly, once again I wasn’t able to procure their wares, but they look awfully nice, with understated but very nice branding, and there were plenty of compliments bouncing around Twitter regarding the contents of the cans. Secondly, before I come to […]

01/08/2017 – #craftbeerhour

Tonight’s festivities were hosted by Tiny Rebel. These guys seem to get a lot of love in the beer community, but oddly enough I’ve never become that familiar with their wares. This is a shame, because all indications are that they’re very, very good. I love it when a brewery obviously has a) strong and […]

25/07/2017 – #craftbeerhour

Evenin’ all, Sadly wasn’t able to procure the wares of McColl’s Brewery, who hosted tonight’s revelry. They seem to provide a refreshingly straightforward range of beers without a whole lot of fuss, and impressively have only been operating since earlier in 2017. If I manage to get any I’ll post something here. Anyway. Papa Midnight […]

18/07/2017 – #craftbeerhour

Note: free samples were provided by the brewery for tonight’s update. Opinions my own. Tonight’s festivities were hosted by Bianca Road Brewing Co – a new one on me from South London. They immediately made an impression by including an info sheet with the delivery, and as you’ll see from the photos below, the presentation […]

11/07/2017 – #craftbeerhour

Once again the odds were not in my favour, and I wasn’t able to secure the wares of Framework Brewery from Leicester. I’ve had at least one of theirs before (a stout) and really enjoyed it, so this is a shame. That said, the evening has been revived with these things. Push and Pull / […]

04/07/2017 – #craftbeerhour

Tonight’s festivities were hosted by Unity Brewing. Sadly I wasn’t lucky enough to blag free samples or otherwise procure their stuff, but all the Twitter activity I witnessed seemed to indicate that their Belgian-influenced wares were going down a storm. So I made do with this absolute masterpiece. Marmalade on Rye / Tempest Brewing / […]