16/01/2018 – #craftbeerhour

Gah. Tonight’s Tryanuary regional theme was Devon and Cornwall, and I didn’t have anything to hand. I did have this, however, and it seemed vaguely in keeping with the spirit of the whole “Tryanuary” thing as I’d never had it before: Weightless / RedWillow / 4.2% Probably the most sessionable session IPA I’ve ever had. […]

09/01/2018 – #craftbeerhour and a bit more #Tryanuary

So, Tryanuary continues. Tonight’s regional theme is Edinburgh…which is somewhere I’d love to go. For now, I’m at home in Beeston, and unfortunately don’t have anything to hand from Edinburgh, but I do have this glorious piece of work: I have enthusiastically featured this before, so I’ll just reiterate my comments here. So now I’m […]

19/12/2017 – #craftbeerhour in brief

I GOT BEER BY THE HOSTS! I GOT BEER BY THE HOSTS! Clean Water Lager / Brewgooder / 4.8% 4.25 / 5.00 I never tend to bother with lagers these days – even if there are decent “craft” ones on offer I tend to divert to other styles, assuming they’ll be more interesting. It’s too […]

12/12/2017 – #craftbeerhour and aesthetics

Firstly: Cloudwater. NE DIPA Enigma Mosaic / Cloudwater Brew Co / 8.5% 3.25 / 5 I don’t jump on board with these guys that often – usually I’m not fast enough to grab something before it’s all sold out near me, and also – in all honesty – sometimes I look at their beautiful cans, […]

28/11/2017 – craft beer and (slightly more) mindfulness

Apologies for once more stepping outside my normal routine – unfortunately last week I was subject to a hastily-arranged trip to BrewDog, which was then complicated further by an extremely aggravating tram delay. Every cloud has a silver lining, however, and the fact that I’d expended precious calories walking the last part of the journey […]