20/02/2018 – #craftbeerhour

I’ve decided to make this post purely and simply about beer – there’s so much other stuff going on right now that my head is spinning, so let’s get back to basics. (first, apologies that this first photo is horrifically blurry): Cascadian Dark Ale / Framework Brewery / 4.7% I’d always assumed “Cascadian Dark Ale” […]

31/01/2018 – Feature: RedWillow

So, during the murky past of early December 2017, I managed to secure a very lovely can of Sleepless from Macclesfield’s RedWillow (I believe they were hosting Craft Beer Hour that particular evening). I happened to mention that it was a few weeks out of date (though still a delightful, comforting red ale) and the […]

24/01/2018 – Nottingham #Tryanuary on tour!

Hi everyone, As an encore to today’s Tryanuary activity (which has been great fun by the way), here’s what happened when I sent a can of Black Iris Divine Elements to the lovely Rach at Look at Brew in Sussex: Purely black and white designs plastered on cans started appearing on my social media feeds. […]

24/01/2018 – Beeston #Tryanuary

So I thought I’d do my best to promote the rich and vibrant beer scene in Beeston, the place I’ve been proud to call home for nearly 11 years. I’m not a native, but this place feels like home to me. To an outsider, Beeston might seem like another suburb of Nottingham, but in reality […]

16/01/2018 – #craftbeerhour

Gah. Tonight’s Tryanuary regional theme was Devon and Cornwall, and I didn’t have anything to hand. I did have this, however, and it seemed vaguely in keeping with the spirit of the whole “Tryanuary” thing as I’d never had it before: Weightless / RedWillow / 4.2% Probably the most sessionable session IPA I’ve ever had. […]

09/01/2018 – #craftbeerhour and a bit more #Tryanuary

So, Tryanuary continues. Tonight’s regional theme is Edinburgh…which is somewhere I’d love to go. For now, I’m at home in Beeston, and unfortunately don’t have anything to hand from Edinburgh, but I do have this glorious piece of work: I have enthusiastically featured this before, so I’ll just reiterate my comments here. So now I’m […]