24/01/2018 – Nottingham #Tryanuary on tour!

Hi everyone,

As an encore to today’s Tryanuary activity (which has been great fun by the way), here’s what happened when I sent a can of Black Iris Divine Elements to the lovely Rach at Look at Brew in Sussex:


Purely black and white designs plastered on cans started appearing on my social media feeds. They looked like skate graphics from my teens, the tiled band around one can could’ve been cut straight off a Vans shoe. These graphics are in fact those of Black Iris, the Nottingham brewery that’s breaking out of its region and making waves as ones to watch for the months ahead. I’ve been keen to try brews from this Notts outfit, so was pleasantly surprised to receive a can of Divine Elements from Chris for our latest beer swap.

The content of the can is a beautiful 6% Mosaic Ipa brewed with oats. It’s a vibrant golden brew, producing an excitable, fizzing, white head which lingers. Aromas of tangerine, lemon, mango, pine and summer days are thrown from the glass. Same again on the palate carried in a silky mouthfeel thanks to the addition of oats. There’s a mild bitter kick to the finish but overall, for a 6% Mosaic ipa, this thing is pretty balanced. Unlike me on a skateboard.

Cheers Rach – certain that Black Iris will be chuffed to bits with that. This was the latest in a number of successful and intriguing beer swaps. Let’s do more!

Footnote: my laptop has a Divine Elements label proudly adorning it.


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