01/08/2017 – #craftbeerhour

Tonight’s festivities were hosted by Tiny Rebel. These guys seem to get a lot of love in the beer community, but oddly enough I’ve never become that familiar with their wares. This is a shame, because all indications are that they’re very, very good. I love it when a brewery obviously has a) strong and identifiable branding and b) a dedication to appreciable quality.


Hadouken! / Tiny Rebel / 7.4%

Eyes: light amber
Nose: all the citrus
Mouth: as above
Notes: thanks to warming up on Beavertown’s Gamma Ray, I’m now more than a little inebriated, but I can definitely vouch for this being a thing of beauty. There’s an inevitable outburst of citrus, but it’s in a very focused, lemon-and-lime marmalade sort of way, rather than all over the place. What it reminds me of is a GTi version of Oakham’s Green Devil (itself a formidable IPA). It’s ever so drinkable and light-footed.
Short and sweet, but I’m too tired and tipsy to contribute further right now.


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