25/07/2017 – #craftbeerhour

Evenin’ all,

Sadly wasn’t able to procure the wares of McColl’s Brewery, who hosted tonight’s revelry. They seem to provide a refreshingly straightforward range of beers without a whole lot of fuss, and impressively have only been operating since earlier in 2017. If I manage to get any I’ll post something here.



Papa Midnight / Time and Tide Brewing / 6.5% (Black IPL)

Eyes: black / fluffy
Nose: coffee / pine / citrus / stonefruit
Mouth: as above
Notes: this is lovely, though it has started making me think about styles and how, once you start subverting and twisting them, they essentially become meaningless. This is a lager, rendered “black” through dark malts, then made “India” via a higher hop content, and made into an oxymoron by still including the abbreviation for “pale” in the name.
Whatever. It’s a fabulous black lager with a shedload of Cascade (amongst other things) in it, so it’s richly orangey and piney on top of the usual smoky and roasted dark lager characteristics. Quite reminiscent of BrewDog’s Zeitgeist but with more citrus.
Really enjoyed. Top work.


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