11/07/2017 – #craftbeerhour

Once again the odds were not in my favour, and I wasn’t able to secure the wares of Framework Brewery from Leicester. I’ve had at least one of theirs before (a stout) and really enjoyed it, so this is a shame.

That said, the evening has been revived with these things.


Push and Pull / Boundary Brewing / 5.5% (IPA)

Eyes: golden
Nose: peach / passionfruit / orange / apricot / mango / etc
Mouth: as above / not much bitterness
Notes: Boundary seem like a particularly fascinating brewery, with very nice branding / artwork (reminds me slightly of the strong colour aesthetic of my best friend’s own artwork) and some nice experimentation.
“Push and Pull” refers to an IPA series and I can’t seem to pin down which particular variant this is (they’re all 5.5% and there’s no BB stamp on the bottle), but it does seem to have a very laid-back, tropical, New Zealand hop note to it. Visually it strongly resembles Punk IPA but the flavour is much less aggressive.
There’s a multitude of citrus, tropical and stone fruit flavours, all of them clearly pronounced, but also blended very skillfully. I’ve had this on the shelf for a few months but it still seems fresh. Great stuff.


(apologies for blurry photo)

Le Pays Noir / Lost Industry / 7.3% (black saison)

Eyes: black
Nose: smoke / spices / caramel / banana / cloves
Mouth: as above
Notes: I’m no expert on saisons, but I do enjoy them a lot and I’d like to explore them more. I also automatically love it when a “black” variant on an otherwise-pale style appears – I guess it’s that part of me that’s attracted to juxtapositions and dichotomies.
#pretentioushipstershite #pretendingtobeanartist
This is breathtaking. At first I was just getting “black IPA” – this, you understand, is a good thing – but after a few minutes the banana / clove / spice benchmarks of a saison start appearing. To set the whole thing off there’s a strident smoky edge to it which defines the whole thing. It’s not an easy one to pin down, but it tastes absolutely phenomenal.
This would have been a life-changing experience with some BBQ meat to accompany it, and it’s something of a national tragedy that I didn’t have any to hand, but Mini Cheddars will have to do.
It’s getting better and better as it progresses. This is a magnificent beer.


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