31/01/2017 – #craftbeerhour

Northern Imperial Stout / Hawkshead Brewery / 9.5% Eyes: blackĀ / impenetrable Nose: roasted / bittersweet / slight hint of port Mouth: as above Notes: this is the first stout I’ve had in a long time that isn’t immediately suggestive of coffee or chocolate, choosing instead to veer towards roasted grains and a luxuriant, port-like quality […]

24/01/2017 – #craftbeerhour

Uto / Howling Hops and Verdant Brewing Co / 9.3% (double black IPA) Eyes: black / ember edges Nose: chocolate / orange / something earthy / coffee Mouth: as above / very roasty finish Notes: this is absolutely incredible. Coffee and Bournville intermingle with a spicy marmalade fruitiness and a lovely fresh-roasted-coffee finish. Interestingly it […]

17/01/2017 – #craftbeerhour

IPA / Hawkshead / 7% Eyes: amber Nose: citrus / tiny hint of caramel Mouth: as above Notes: I’ve had a substantial number of American-style IPAs (from many different countries) and I was worried that they’d all start to taste like one another. They do share very recognisable characteristics that I suspect most readers will […]

10/01/2017 – #craftbeerhour

Tonight’s Craft Beer Hour was hosted by the lovely Fierce Beer – a brewery I’d never encountered before. Cranachan Killer / Fierce Beer / 5.5% (oat/raspberry/honey pale ale) Eyes: scarlet-amber Nose: raspberry / hints of spicy malt Mouth: as above Notes: I’ve had a few fruit beers and (despite my desire to be open-minded and […]