27/12/2016 – #craftbeerhour / The Jedi Code

I had a plan for this evening’s Craft Beer Hour, but the sad news that Carrie Fisher had passed away compelled me to adjust these plans slightly and go for a tribute of sorts. It is always sad to suffer the loss of someone beloved, but at least she contributed immeasurably to something indelible, quite […]

20/12/2016 – #craftbeerhour

Crackendale / Thornbridge / 5.2% (golden ale) Eyes: gold Nose: citrus / tropical / resinous Mouth: as above Notes: might as well expect something outstanding with Thornbridge. This is a very worthy alternative to Oakham’s Citra, a beer that featured in my top 10 a while back. It manages to stay the right side of […]

06/12/2016 – #craftbeerhour

Wasn’t going to do two tonight, but we need space in the cupboard. Tropigamma / Beavertown / 7% (tropical IPA) – Tottenham Hale, London, UK Eyes: orange-amber / very, very murky Nose: tropical riot / biscuit / spicy Mouth: as above Notes: interestingly, this is probably my least favourite Beavertown beer out of those I’ve […]