18/10/2016 – #craftbeerhour

Went for a music-inspired theme tonight. Damage Plan / Marble / 7.1% (IPA) Eyes: orange-amber Nose: fierce citrus / spicy / bitter Mouth: as above Notes: the hosts for tonight’s evening, strangely this is the first time I’ve tried a Marble beer, despite being assured that they’re “all bloody lovely” by a close associate. No […]

11/10/2016 – #craftbeerhour

IPA Black / The Kernel / 6.6% Eyes: pitch black / lively Nose: black coffee / berries / caramel Mouth: as above / very dry finish Notes: I’ve come to expect a very high standard from these guys (as has everyone else) and this is not a disappointment. It probably says a lot about me […]

04/10/2016 – #craftbeerhour

Pater 6 / St Bernardus / 6.7% (dubbel) Eyes: dark┬ámahogany Nose: malt loaf / spices / touch of smoke / cherries Mouth: as above + banana / sultana Notes: I don’t know a great deal about Belgian Trappist/Abbey brewing, seeing as currently I indulge in that sort of thing only once or twice a year, […]