26/08/2016 – Bottle Share II

Back in March of this year, me and Rach of Look at Brew swapped beers from our local area. It was so successful (inasmuch as we thoroughly enjoyed the respective beers) that we decided to do it again. I’m really interested in how Rach considers the whole sensory experience when tasting: the environs, the weather, […]

23/08/2016 – #craftbeerhour

White IPA Mosaic E431 / Cloudwater Brew / 6.5% Eyes: orange-amber Nose: bananas / citrus Mouth: as above Notes: sadly I wasn’t able to procure beer relevant to this week’s host (Manchester Brewing Co) so I went for another Manchester brewery, Cloudwater, on the basis of their astonishing double IPA (covered in a recent post). […]

In Brief: Cloudwater DIPA v6

I won’t attempt to join in with the mass hysteria on my feeds (Twitter and Instagram are awash with very passionate opinions) – this is purely and simply my standalone opinion. Several of my beer-friends have compared the various versions and relative merits of the now-legendary DIPA – I haven’t had the opportunity to try […]

16/08/2016 – #craftbeerhour

Home alone this week, and quite a lot of beer lying around, so thought I’d go with a couple of random session IPAs that are entirely unrelated to each other except for style. Ace of Chinook / BrewDog / 4.5% Eyes: mid-amber Nose: dank / resinous /  orange marmalade / grapefruit / pine Mouth: as […]

09/08/2016 – #craftbeerhour

New World IPA / Northern Monk Brew Co / 6.2% Eyes: dark amber Nose: orange / bread/ pine / toffee /  caramel Mouth: as above Notes: I’ve had a few hybrid old/new world hop IPAs recently and this is probably the friendliest / easiest-drinking so far. There’s a blast of citrus in there (as you’d […]

03/08/2015 – #craftbeerhour

A little different to normal, this one…as the image below will testify, I went to a local establishment – and mysteriously picked up O2 Wifi from somewhere, so I was able to participate briefly in CraftBeerHour. Pollards / Thornbridge / 5.0% (coffee milk stout) This was a delightful surprise – not had Thornbridge on cask […]