28/07/2016 – I went out!

This happens extremely infrequently so I can still scarcely contain my excitement. We caught up, we¬†listened to woes, we dispensed advice and we enjoyed some fine beverages. (images are unfiltered and unaltered, a.k.a. unskilled) I suppose this is a “big” beer, but it was good (enjoyed at Rye) (enjoyed at the Crown) Now this was […]

26/07/2016 – #craftbeerhour

Elvis Juice / BrewDog / 6.5% (grapefruit-infused IPA) Eyes: mid-dark amber Nose: grapefruit / biscuit Mouth: as above Notes: I haven’t done a “proper” review of a BrewDog beer for a while. There are no surprises here, and no compromises either. Grapefruit is a common flavour descriptor aimed at American-style IPAs, or any beers featuring […]

19/07/2016 – #craftbeerhour

Return of the Empire / Moor Beer Company / 5.7% (IPA) Eyes: amber Nose: orange / pine / grapefruit Mouth: orange / pine / grapefruit / biscuit Notes: I’ve had a few really nice quintessentially English IPAs in my time (Fullers Bengal Lancer and Worthingtons White Shield spring to mind), but in recent times my […]

22/07/2016 – Focus on Bullfinch Brewery

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Tom at Craft Beer Hour and the generosity of the brewery themselves, I was lucky enough to be one of a few chosen to receive three samples of Bullfinch’s range of core ales. I wasn’t feeling quite adventurous enough to try all three on the night, hence a belated […]

12/07/2016 – #craftbeerhour

Suspect Device / Weird Beard vs Farmageddon / 8.3% Eyes: dark amber Nose: bread / orange marmalade / caramel Mouth: as above Notes: dank and bitter, there are no real surprises from this imperial IPA, but it manages to stay both fierce and highly drinkable. I’d like to get to know Weird Beard a bit […]