28/06/2016 – #craftbeerhour

Flatiron / Fourpure Brewing Co / 4.7% Eyes: chestnut / mahogany Nose: caramel / citrus / toffee Mouth: caramel / citrus / toffee Notes: this is fast becoming one of my favourite styles: versatile and full of interesting flavours without being overbearing. This has caramel and citrus notes divided neatly down the middle, and has […]

22/06/2016 – #craftbeerhour (belated)

Internet woes forced the deferral of this post until after the event… Backstage IPA / Signature Brew / 5.6% Eyes: dark amber / hazy Nose: grapefruit / tangerine / resinous / bitter / passionfruit Mouth: as above Notes: A new brewery for me, though I always longed to try their double IPA brewed for Mastodon. […]

14/06/2016 – #craftbeerhour

Axe Edge / Buxton Brewery / 6.8% (IPA) (NB. website currently under construction and no details available, so check out @buxtonbrewery on Twitter and Instagram for more information). Eyes: orange-amber Nose: bitter orange marmalade Mouth: as above / very bitter / lemon / crisp mouthfeel Notes: This is on a par with BrewDog’s Jackhammer for […]

13/06/2016 – Makeover

Hi everyone, Just a quick note to say “bear with me” as I’m changing the appearance of the blog and (retrospectively) fiddling with categories, structure etc, so please consider it “under construction” for now… Love to all (as appropriate), Normski

07/06/2016 – #craftbeerhour

Imperial Java Stout / Santa Fe Brewing / 8.0% (imperial stout with coffee beans) Eyes: black with ruby edges / thin head Nose: black coffee / molasses / treacle¬†/ dark chocolate Mouth: as above / quite sweet Notes: this is like the world’s most luxuriant Irish coffee. One to be sipped and savoured – tons […]