31/03/2016 – Bottle Share

So, recently I posted a bottle of Totally Brewed’s 4 Hop Men of the Apocalypse to the distant shores of Horsham. Actually, I posted two, but we won’t talk about what happened to the first one. I should take this opportunity to explain that the recipient, Rach, runs a very fine blog at Look at […]

29/03/2016 – #craftbeerhour

Applelation / Beavertown / 8.7% Eyes: bright orange-amber Nose: cider / bready / rustic Mouth: as above Notes: I really didn’t know what to make of this one at first. Then I decided I didn’t care, as it was incredible. At first there’s barely any hint of malt, hops or that characteristic saison barnyard charm […]

15/03/2016 – #craftbeerhour

Southern Latitude / Fourpure / 4.7% Eyes: orange-amber Nose: profound citrus Mouth: profound citrus / honey Notes: Liking Fourpure’s stuff a lot so far. This has massive chunks of lemon, lime and particularly grapefruit in the aroma and initial flavour. After a few minutes these recede slightly into the background and make way for a more […]

01/03/2016 – #craftbeerhour

A Lemon Tree My Dear Watson / Weird Beard / 3.7% Eyes: amber Nose: lemon (subtle) / biscuit / sherbet Mouth: lemon (subtle) / biscuit / sherbet / dry Notes: this one really didn’t give much away to begin with. I think I was expecting the focused power of Beavertown’s Bloody ‘Ell, and fully anticipated face-melting bitterness, […]