23/02/2016 – #craftbeerhour

Prototype Milk Stout / BrewDog / 4.8% Eyes: black Nose: molasses / chocolate / smoke Mouth: molasses / chocolate / smoke / brown sugar / caramel / liquorice Notes: I understand that I’m slightly behind the times with this one, as it (or a refinement of it) has now made its way into BrewDog’s Headliner range (alongside Punk […]

16/02/2016 – #craftbeerhour

Slate / Grain Brewery / 6.0% Eyes: cola-brown Nose: dark chocolate / smoked Mouth: dark chocolate / smoked / double cream Notes: I spent my formative years in Norfolk so it’s nice to go all nostalgic for a while. This is rich and luxuriant whilst simultaneously quite stark and powerful. Bittersweet, with predictable edges of coffee and […]

09/02/2016 – #craftbeerhour

Northern Star / Northern Monk Brew Co / 5.9% (mocha porter) Eyes: black / chestnut edging Nose: roasted malt / dark chocolate Mouth: roasted malt / dark chocolate / sweet Notes: For once I’d managed to co-ordinate things such that I had a beer ready for the brewery happening to guest-host tonight’s Craft Beer Hour. I think […]

04/02/2016 – Confidence

Let’s start with the easy stuff and then move on from there. Confidence / Moor Beer Company / 4.6% Eyes: dark copper / hazy Nose: dark fruit / pine Mouth: dark fruit / toffee / pine Notes: I wouldn’t normally crack open a “special” beer (i.e. not a supermarket one) on a Wednesday, but I’d […]

03/02/2016 – #craftbeerhour

Misty River / Cambridge Brewing Co / 4.2% Eyes: amber / hazy Nose: citrus / sherbet / flinty Mouth: dry / citrus / bread Notes: the first time I’ve tried a Cambridge Brewing beer off the premises (see previous posts for my appreciation of this place), and thoroughly enjoyed it. This would be a great session […]