24/08/2015 – Leftovers

Hi folks, Just a few random bits and pieces assembled from scribbled post-it notes. Busy right now! You’ll notice a few Instagram filters appearing on the photographs; I make no apologies for this, as it makes my mediocre photos look vaguely interesting. NZ60 / Beeston Hop /¬†5.2% Eyes: amber, cloudy Nose: bitter, bready Mouth: fruity, […]

25/08/2015 – #craftbeerhour

Street Porter (hoho) / Pressure Drop / 6.5% Eyes: cola-brown Nose:¬†chocolate and brown sugar Mouth: chocolate and brown sugar Notes: Starts off quite dry, then as it warms up it develops some lovely rum-like spirit notes and becomes a lot sweeter. In fact, it’s quite amazing how much this one develops as time goes on. […]

18/08/2015 – #craftbeerhour

08|04 (Irish Dry Stout) / Brew By Numbers / 5.4% Eyes: cola-brown Nose: coffee / dark fruits Mouth: as above Notes: a new brewery for me, but one that I’ve heard consistently good things about. It didn’t disappoint. Nothing surprising in its flavour profile, but very drinkable and beautifully balanced. There’s a lot of dark […]

22/07/2015 – Chapter 3 (cont’d)

Apologies for being rather quiet recently – I’ve had rather a lot of real life to sort out recently what with the impending arrival of Sprog2, and also rather a lot of preparation for recording my music project (watch this space). One significant thing to point out: (slightly belated) Happy 5th Birthday Circle Master. When […]