30/06/2015 – #craftbeerhour

Yo, It’s summer, guys. And in honour of the ethos of tonight’s chosen brewery, I even went outside for a minute or so! Madness IPA / Wild Beer Co / 6.8% Eyes: orange, hazy Nose: orange/tropical Mouth: orange/tropical Notes: A new brewery for me, purchased from Junkyard. I’d been reading about them for a while and completely […]

29/06/2015 – Junkyard / Beavertown

Hi folks Went to a new venue (for me) on Friday and it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t provide a debriefing. Junkyard I know I’m starting to get predictable in my preference for beer from or inspired by the States, but I’m not ashamed of this. I went there with a couple of my […]

19/06/15 – Thornbridge Chiron

The end of term at work, and the end of the week, and the bit I’d been looking forward to all week. (gratuitous photobomb by my guitar collection) Chiron / Thornbridge / 5% Eyes: orange-amber Nose: mango!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mouth: tropical Notes: What can I say? Thornbridge. American style pale ale. High expectations. Totally blown out of […]

15/06/2015 – Beer Day Britain

This was supposed to be published on the 15th, but WordPress wasn’t my friend that day… I only found out about this on the day, and this was supposed to be a dry evening. But I run a beer blog and it would be rude not to participate, so the evening’s adventure was: Export India Porter / […]

02/06/2015 #craftbeerhour

Decadence Stout / Weird Beard / 5.5% Eyes: black with ruby/amber edges Nose: dark chocolate Mouth: dark chocolate, treacle and black coffee Notes: This is a stunner. If I can just be all artistic at the moment, the edges remind me of sunburst guitars: black fading in burgundy, then into amber. It’s truly beautiful to behold […]