29/05/2015 – Brixton Windrush Stout

Eyes: black with dark chestnut edges Nose: caramel/nutty Mouth: caramel/smoky Notes: Named after the ship that originally sailed the first West Indian settlers to London in the 1940s. Deep, luxuriant and commanding, much like myself. Very smooth, incredibly creamy body and very dry, with subtle nut flavours and hints of smoke and molasses, but overall […]

May 2015 – Beer roundup

Hi everyone, More of the usual! I’m intending to do mini-posts / Twitter updates concurrent with my beer sampling, rather than saving it all up for digests… …but I’ve got to play catch-up in the meantime, so here’s a few. Montezuma’s Chocolate Lager / Hogs Back / 4.5% (lager) Eyes: light amber Nose: lager…and…chocolate… Mouth: […]

26/05/2015 #craftbeerhour

Hi all, Just a mini participation in Craft Beer Hour on Twitter (see my About page for details): Chocolate Porter / Meantime / 6.5% (porter) Meantime are currently being bought out by SABMiller, but never mind. There are more important things to worry about, and as long as they are allowed to continue the same high […]

May 2015 – Where do you think you are?

A bit of a departure this one, but don’t worry, the beer’s never too far away… I’ve recently been pondering an awful lot on the issues of origin and identity. I’ve never been a big traveller but I have lived in three distinct regions of England (so far) and, strangely, feel most at home where […]