December 2014 – Cambridge Brew House

No more facetious post titles from me…promise… So, thusly did myself and Mrs “I Just Want a Taste” Normski venture forth into Cambridge, and there did we proceed (almost immediately) to the splendid Cambridge Brew House, for an alarmingly spontaneous lunch date. A Google search for “places to eat in Cambridge” yielded no useful results, […]

December 2014 – Some more things I’ve seen

I’ve discovered that I really quite enjoy taking photographs. Not that I’m good at it, you understand, but occasionally an opportunity presents itself (particularly on a day like today was, where the light conditions make almost anything look good). And, most importantly, WOO-HOO! I’ve worked out how to make portrait-format images sit next to each […]

December 2014 – Festivities

Hello all, As per usual at this time of year, we find ourselves in rural Cambridgeshire, enjoying the break we’ve been craving for what seems like an eternity. For me personally, the year has been a bit of a whirlwind – a new job (which is taking up a surprising amount of my headspace) and […]