April 2014 – Parenting

Parenting styles. Something I never knew existed before and something that’s given me a crushing headache every time I’ve tried to get my head round it. Before our offspring was born I knew what I didn’t want, though in hindsight it’s hard to describe, other than “well-behaved”. I wanted any children of ours to grow up in a […]

April 2014 – Beer roundup

Hi folks, Not done any of this for a while. No particular reason, other than being busy. Here we go. No messing. Innovation / Adnams (Jack Brand) / 6.7% Eyes: amber Nose: grapefruit Mouth: grapefruit Notes: nicely bitter and hoppy IPA. The inaugural product in the new Jack Brand range – I had previously considered […]

April 2014 – What to do?

Well now, As any of my readers will know, I’ve recently been giving some thought to the potential content of this blog, specifically the amount and extent of “baby” content on it. Many years ago this blog was conceived as a beer adventure but that was, admittedly, starting to get a bit samey – and my […]