January 2014 – Another quickie

Hello folks

I’ve got a load more life thoughts to get down here, but that’ll take some time, so for now I’ll just briefly report on two excellent beers I’ve had recently.

Firstly, I’ve mentioned the mighty Crown Inn in Beeston several times before, but it’s worth giving them a bit more of a profile here. There are several decent pubs in Beeston with distinctive characters and pros and cons, but if you want a straightforward evening with some damn good brews, it’s hard to fault the Crown. Two noteworthy events have taken place in this pub’s recent history: 1) they have just taken over management of the Sir John Borlase Warren in Canning Circus (Nottingham) – this is exciting, and 2) they have just started selling beer by their own brewery, Brown Ales.

It was a school night so only the one for me, but I can heartily recommend the following:

The Shining / Brown Ales <no info on the beers currently available> / 4%

Eyes: gold
Nose: citrus
Mouth: more citrus
Notes: a beautiful pale session beer, this is the sort of thing you could stay on all night, if you were that sort of person. Very easy-drinking, medium-bodied and nicely fruity – the sort of thing Mrs “I Just Want a Taste” Normski would approve of. I was moved to exclaim “that’s smashing!” with the first mouthful as I handed my cash over, so it must have been good (or I must just be ludicrously pretentious) (or both of these things). Can’t fault it as a friendly session beer.

8/10 (the only reason it doesn’t get higher is because my personal comfort zone is something more in the amber/chestnut area, but don’t get me wrong – this is cracking stuff)

You can find more information on the Crown’s Facebook group here.

And now for something somewhat different:

Irish Whiskey Finish / Innis & Gunn / 7.4%

Eyes: black
Nose: molasses
Mouth: sweet
Notes: any veteran readers, or indeed anyone that knows me, will know that these Scottish mavericks are amongst my favourites. Everything they brew is exceptional, luxurious and gloriously different, even down to the packaging. This is no exception.
This is a seasonal variant apparently, so probably won’t be around for long. It is a completely exceptional double stout anyway, but it was so good I actually used the “f” word in my notes. Bitter black coffee, molasses, brown sugar, cream, smoke and a hint of sweetness (not unlike I&G’s own Rum Finish) hit you in layers, then all at once with a robust alcoholic kick.
Absolutely stunning.


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