February 2013 – Ooo’argh

Cornish Knocker / Skinner’s (www.skinnersbrewery.com) / 4.5% Accompanied by: a very fine steak, peppercorn sauce and chips I love all things Cornish. Well, pasties…what else comes from Cornwall? Tin, I suppose… I also like that this one has a gloriously inappropriate bottle label (any consumer product bearing an illustration of a flasher deserves investigation). Nice […]

February 2013 – No. *I* am your father!

Aaaaaaand…hot on the heels of the last instalment of rambling philosophical warbles, I find that yet more musings on the mysteries of adult life are invading my brain and refusing to behave themselves, at least until I attempt to commit them to the digital ether. There! That’s the winner! It’s got to be the most […]