October 2012 – Classic English Reserve

IPA Reserve / Greene King (www.greenekingipa.co.uk) / 5.4% Oooh. Normally (as previously mentioned) Greene King’s fayre is as bland as Gary Barlow’s dress sense, but not here. Nose: toffee malt. Eyes: mid-copper. Palate: tangy, pineapple, spicy malt, bitter. Doesn’t linger; nicely concise finish. 8/10 Note: first post published via Blackberry, so bear with me…

October 2012 – Hmm

Humanism Now, I realise this makes it look like I can’t be bothered to write my own article on the subject…and it’s true. Well, I could, but I’d have to take several days off work to do it justice, and the Wikipedia entry above says pretty much everything I’ve got to say on it right […]

October 2012 – The Shopping List

I never realised that conceptual guitar shopping could cause so much angst and indecision. When my meagre income allows me to do so, I will purchase a new “main” guitar to act as the flagship of the fleet. To clarify, here is the lineup as it currently stands (photos to be added later): 2010 Squier […]

October 2012 – I went outside

…for once! I must say I feel rather odd – this time last year we were stuck in hospital feeding tiny amounts of milk to a tiny entity. This same tiny entity spent several hours of the just-gone weekend on my back, going “oooghhh” at all the wildlife. First I took Sprogski onto our local […]

October 2012 – Some miniature delights, some full-sized ones, and some shiny silver things…

Hi all Just a suggestion for anyone who’s interested in hand-crafted instruments > this chap is creating some clever, interesting and fun stuff. Almuse Mandolins I may have a project for this guy in the near future, so watch this space. I particularly like that his mandolins don’t look like toys, they’re appropriately scaled “proper” […]

October 2012 – The hunt for a name…

Y’see, I have a fledgling band with a full line-up and some enticing sounds, but we’re not going to get far without a name. In much the same way, we won’t get far with the wrong name. So just what can we call this band? A band with guitars that are by turns gritty, jangly, […]