Got loads to do this weekend so it’ll probably be about another year before I actually post this update. You’d think that the chores would do us all a favour and put themselves on hold, particularly when there’s important things to do, like write nonsense about alcohol. Still, excited about seeing everyone’s favourite band, The […]

13/09/2011 – Dark Lord of The Cliff

I say, I forgot about this one at the weekend: Beer: Jaipur IPA, Thornbridge (www.thornbridgebrewery.co.uk), 5.9% Very stubborn – refused to give anything away in terms of aroma. I suppose, roughly translated, this means “you’re just going to have to drink me, you pretentious weirdo”. After that, a favourable companion to Nottingham’s own Screech Owl […]


I have a new idea – arrival of Little Normski is looming ever closer, so I’ve decided to drink everything I have. That way, there’ll be nothing left to tempt me nearer the time, when I need to drive the ambulance. Thanks to Mrs Normski’s parentage, our nursery is finally starting to take shape – […]