30/06/2011 – Oops…

Don’t worry fans, I haven’t gone off beer or anything – it’s just that…well…no, actually I don’t have an excuse for a posting gap of over 2 months.

Sorry about that.

A couple of beers here, but I’ll move on soon to talking about some of the best music around as well (in my opinion, before I start any arguments)


Beer: Cockerhoop, Jennings Brewery (www.jenningsbrewery.co.uk), 4.2% (4.6% if you get it on tap)

Opinion: I expected great things here. Jennings has a good name for itself, is based in the beautiful Lake District (the website’s very pretty), but the beer was bitterly disappointing. To be fair, the blurb on the bottle bigged it up rather a lot, setting a high expectation…

Nice colour, but this deceptive beer DIDN’T TASTE OF ANYTHING! It promised a citrus finish (don’t most of them?) but all I got was harsh, grainy, and a total absence of flavour <blows raspberry>


Beer: Wainwright, Thwaites Brewery (www.thwaites.co.uk), 4.1%

Opinion: That’s more like it. This is everything Cockerhoop should have been. Beautiful light amber. Light and refreshing, but full-bodied, malty and with that precious, elusive (but essential) citrus finish. Tasted just right on a summer’s evening. Thank goodness for that – a clear winner.


I’ll just briefly mention my favourite beer of the moment, the exquisite Burning Gold – but I haven’t got a bottle to hand, so I’ll give it a “proper” review when I’ve bought some more. I also think I might start a band with Burning Gold as the name – ok, it’s named after part of an old hymn, but I could make it cool.

I’m off to listen to some pirate-folk-rock!



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