27/03/2011 – Redhead Goblin

…which, fabulously, is an anagram of “Hebridean Gold”. Yes, that’s right, from this point on I will attempt to title each post with a ludicrous bit of wordplay relevant to the task at hand. You have been warned. *** Beer: Hebridean Gold, Isle of Skye Brewing Company (www.skyebrewery.co.uk), 4.3% Opinion: I bought this in a […]

21/03/2011 – Sorry, I’ve been ill…

…and whilst beer undoubtedly acts as a temporary relief from many symptoms, unfortunately it didn’t seem to cure THE WORST COLD IN THE WORLD EVER – honestly, dear reader(/s?), I barely escaped with my life. Fortunately, it does seem to have given me a slightly earthier singing voice, but I doubt it’ll last. Other than […]