30/08/2010 – Intra-dimensional transmitter?

Bon soir! An illicit transaction took place at the weekend, and I have thusly acquired this item from a friend. Now I’ve tried turning the little thing at the bottom and no pasta has come out, so I assume it’s a musical instrument. We shall see. Had lots of beer at the weekend as well, […]

13/08/2010 – Yorkshire break

‘Ey up! Yes, we have returned from the forbidding (not to mention slightly damp) climes of the Yorkshire Moors. It is easy to see why the Brontë sisters wrote such stark, dour novels when one glimpses the landscapes here, though it is a darkly beautiful and fascinating place. As a tourist, there is an awful […]

29/07/2010 – Albums/Beer/Beasts

G’day dear reader(s) You may have noticed that I have been incredibly slack on here recently…I blame a frenzy of activity at work and, well, laziness. I’d like to try and atone for this, if I may and in my usual fashion, with a flurry of reviews, banter and nonsense. Venue: The Victoria Hotel, Beeston, […]