14/07/2010 – Dear Normski

If you are reading your own musings in years (or indeed hours) to come, heed these words and DO NOT EVER BE TEMPTED to drink “Peach Melbear” (www.beartownbrewery.co.uk/) again. It may look and taste like perfectly innocuous English ale with an infusion of peaches, but nothing can prepare you for the foul, hallucinogenic toxins roiling […]

10/07/2010 – Mediterranean Blues (as you do)

(is Greece anywhere near the Mediterranean? Yep, I did really well at Geography) Sorry, it took me ages (a great many seconds) to think of a title for my first album review. I think you’ll agree that the resulting effort is, quite frankly, pathetic. (image copyright to the original owner) Artist: Joe Bonamassa (jbonamassa.com/) Album: […]

09/07/2010 – Beeston mini pub crawl (again)

This was probably a very bad thing to do the night before a 90-min driving lesson, but hey, you only live once. (and, incidentally, it was one of the best driving lessons I’ve ever had – most curious) Venue: The Crown Inn, Beeston, Nottingham Beer: Tightrope, Hydes (www.hydesbrewery.co.uk/), 4.3% Accompanied by: “Chaps”, “Tips” and, er, […]

06/07/2010 – At Home (Tuesdays are rock ‘n’ roll)

I came home and decided to have some beer. Venue: The dining table Beer: London Stout, Meantime Brewery (www.meantimebrewing.com/), 4.5% Accompanied by: Chicken & mushroom pie, and some Pink Floyd Opinion: This is a little bit fabulous. Simple yet complex, it’s a beautiful rich dark burgundy and tastes like velvet…would taste…if it was beer. A […]

04/07/2010 – The Cotswolds

Hello folks A disclaimer first of all – we were away camping (and very nice it was too), but sadly I forgot to take any notes, so these beers are recalled only very vaguely, but hey, it’s better than nothing! The base of operations was Lechlade, Gloucestershire. It looked a bit like this: And nearby […]

02/07/2010 – Oops…

Hello chaps, It may have been noticed that I’ve gone quiet…in truth I’ve been “detoxing” (well, apart from the two trips to the pub) but I intend to have some more beer soon. In fact we’re supposedly off to the Cotswolds tomorrow, so I’ll try and get on some of the local stuff. I’ve been […]