19/06/2010 – At Home (but thinking about Oxfordshire)

Happy Father’s Day, to anyone of the male persuasion who happens to have any offspring. Venue: At home Beer: Oxford Gold, Brakspear (www.brakspear.co.uk), 4.6% (organic) Accompanied by: Mrs Normski and some sausages Opinion: We both liked it, so it must have been good. Brakspear are, as I understand, the sister brewery to my favourites Wychwood, […]

18/06/2010 – Beeston mini-pub-crawl

Hello! Y’know, I originally started this with the intention of some posts being about other things than beer. But it seems they’ve all been about beer so far. And so, naturally, is this one. When something else happens to me, I’ll let you know. We deliberately went to two pubs that weren’t showing the football, […]

17/06/2010 – At Home

Greetings earthlings, Straight down to business…I had an intense day at work and needed refreshment… Venue: At home Beer: “Irresistible Premium Ale”, Natural Brewing Company (www.naturalbrewingcompany.co.uk/), 4.3% Accompanied by: Pasta with spinach, feta, green olives, thyme, parsley and basil, and the Star Wars soundtrack while I was making said dinner Opinion: A winner. This is […]

15/06/2010 – The Hop Pole

Avast! Y’know, in my opinion, old-time Americana is rather underrated, particularly when it’s being performed by a heavenly choir of young ladies, accompanied by the fortnightly session regulars. I gave the blue mandolin an airing and it seemed to fit in ok… Now, to business: Venue: The Hop Pole, Beeston, Nottingham Beer: Leeds Best, Leeds […]