This blog is primarily a celebration and exploration of craft beer.

It began (what seems like an eternity ago: June 2010) as an exploration of real ale, which appears to be quite a different thing.

I do most of my drinking at home as I have two young children, but occasionally you’ll find a report on some excellent establishment that I’ve discovered. There’s a little summary on the Craft Beer page on the left.

I am also a musician – you can see some of the fruits of my labour on the Music page.

You can find me on social media (see below), usually talking about craft beer, music, my family or my surroundings. I usually participate in #craftbeerhour (9-10pm GMT on Tuesdays) in some fashion. See the website for further details.

The blog is named Circle Master after a Wychwood beer that used to be my favourite many years ago. They don’t make it any more, so in a sense it’s now completely irrelevant, but try as I might I haven’t been able to come up with a better alternative. So here it stays for the time being.

I live near Nottingham (UK) with a wonderful family and work at the University of Nottingham.



If you like my writing and music and want to support what I do, please visit http://ko-fi.com/cbnorman. Cheers!


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